Hersheys Cookies and Cream Kisses

4 years ago

Herseys Cookies and Cream Kisses
Growing up, Hersheys Kisses were always one of my favourite chocolates. I remember my mom buying a huge bag around Valentines Day so my siblings and I could hand them out to our classmates as a Valentines Day gift.
I hadnt bought Hersheys Kisses in a long time however when I received a coupon for them in the mail. I am subscribed to a bunch of online coupon giveaway sites, so every so often I get coupons for all sorts of items from razors, to laundry detergent to chocolate! The sites are free and using the coupons helps my family save some money on stuff we buy. I try to avoid the ones for items we dont normally buy since it defeats the whole purpose lol, but when I saw the Hersheys Kisses coupon, I started craving chocolate.
I kept the coupon in the big envelop where I normally keep my coupons, and when my mom and I went grocery shopping I decided to see how much a bag of Kisses was. Each bag was around $3.50 which I thought was a lot, until I noticed that the coupon was for $2.50 off....For a dollar, I figured why not? Lol
I never knew Kisses had so many different flavours and options! They had Kisses and Hugs which I already knew about, but they had all sorts of different flavours too, like almond, and peppermint. I ended up settling on a bag of Cookies and Cream.
Its white chocolate with little round pieces of cookie mixed in. It tastes a lot like the regular Hersheys cookies and cream bar, but these are a lot easier to eat, and much easier to have some self control.
Ive been limiting myself to one a day after dinner which has worked out well so far LOL. If I had the bar, I would have eaten the whole thing in 2 or 3 days haha!

Why is your favourite Hershey Kiss flavor? Which other ones have you seen?

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