Hershey Park 2014

This summer I had a chance to ride every roller coaster we have here at Hershey Park.

A lot of people ask me which rides are my favorite: Skyrush, Storm Runner, and Lightning Racer
What`s the new ride called and when will it be open?: Laff Trakk and sometime early 2015
What`s your least favorite ride?: Wild Mouse
Which is the scariest ride in your opinion?: Sidewinder.. I only rode it once and gained a concussion from it. I enjoyed the ride, but it was not worth it.
What`s the busiest day for HP?: Saturday

Among many other questions.

If you do plan to go to Hershey Park, please do keep some of these things in mind:
IF you are a smoker, there are designated areas for you to smoke. If you ask an employee or security guard they should be able to point you in the correct direction.
PLEASE do not try to take pictures of the ride photos, that is illegal and the sales associates already say `No pictures please!` about 50+ times just in a day and there are signs that tell you not to.
NEVER leave your child in front of a stand unattended, you have no idea how many children I have had to turn over to security because their parent just abandoned them at the stands to ride the ride.

Enjoy! c:

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