HERRs Horseradish and Cheddar Potato Chips

5 years ago

Yep, here I go with another potato chip review! But this time I actually didnt purchase these, I was given the bag. My mother picked them up figuring she likes horseradish. She ate a few chips and decided they were way too butt-kicking for her so she gave them to me since I have this insane love for horseradish. I will admit the first chip definitely tickled my senses and my nose was burning. A few chips later it was fine, you could taste the horseradish but the cheddar really downplayed it. A few more chips and whoooooooo some of these bad boys are HOT! Not insanely, gross hot, but a horseradish, burn up the back of your throat through your nose hot. I actually enjoy that burn its similar to the type of burn youd get when eating wasabi or hot mustard from a Chinese restaurant. I can now say though I can breathe easy for a week thanks to these haha. My boyfriend tried them and like them as well and told me these would be great to eat with a roast beef sandwich. So thats what well be doing picking up some roast beef and having these in a sandwich. Yummo!

Have you ever tried these chips? If not, would you?

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