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Hello guys :)

This would be my first post about games and i think that first in technology. I have macbook so i can`t play many games there. In lots of stores you could buy only games for PC because they are more famous there, where i live. Honestly i have only one game for macbook - The Sims Medieval. Ok you could say that there are thousands of games in app store but honestly i didn`t find even one interesting :( So i was looking for some games which you could play in your browser. Something like bitefight, You know, that famous game when you could be a vampire or werewolf. But now i found some game where you could be a superhero ! Yeeey. Fortunately it is in polish language but of course also in english, german, france and greek. This is of course free and very easy game. After you choose your character, you need to buy some weapons, clothes but not normal clothes like trousers or tops but for example rain boots or pink bathrobe ;D It`s mega funny. You do various missions and level up. I started yesterday and now i have level 13. If you want to add me my name is - vanessa17 :) I am on server one. But i don`t know if you choose english language you would find, i am probably only in polish server :( You could also fight with other superheroes, open a club of superheroes, sold things in secondhand store ;D In my opinion this game is very funny. It`s nothing like Batman game or Superman. You should definitely check this game.
+ in my opinion:
-game is free
- you don`t have to install anything
- it works on all systems, Windows, Mac etc
- nice graphic and dialogs

- in my opinion:
- so mega addicted ;D

I don`t know how about you but i am getting bored very fast. But this time i think that i would play it everyday. It`s very addicted just like luuux ;-)

Here is the link ---> http://herozerogame.com

Source link: http://www.krainammo.pl/

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