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"Heroes" is an American tv show created by Tim Kring for NBC. It tells the stories of some ordinary individuals who discover they have extraordinary abilities. Claire, for example, can spontaneously regenerate her body, Isaac Mendez foresees the future, Matt Parkman is a telepath and Hiro Nakamura can travel in time and can teleport. The series explores the way they adapt to change and their role in preventing catastrophes and saving humanity

The series focuses on "paranormal phenomena" that consist of the extraordinary power that a number of people hold with their special "gifts". Theyre called HEROES. Why are they called so? For the sake of the world lies in their hands and only they can maintain the balance between good and evil.

A good tv show, with a variety of characters with a variety of skills, with several versions of the future, with spectacular twists of situations and alliances, with an almost invisible borderline between good and evil.

The cast is outstanding, varied and all the performances are natural and touching. The actors are all wonderful, especially Zachary Quinto, Milo Ventimiglia and Jack Coleman. Unlike other superhero films that focus more on action, Heroes combines the action surprisingly well with the outstanding outlining of the characters, making them sympathetic and quite often, emotional.

Visually, each episode is a delight, the dialogues are smart and it relies heavily on the human factor; the characters are, above all, people who, in addition to everyday problems will have to face a supernatural special quest.

It`s great to see how the destinies of the characters are intertwined for the same purpose and how they come to depend on each other in order to save themselves.
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