Herbal essences shampoo - For straight and shiny hair.

Hiya luuuxers;

Well i need to buy a few things for when i go to the hospital because i just cant
take all the shampoo and tooth pastes and stuff from my house because otherwise
they wont have any shampoo or conditioner for their hair LOL.

So my mum said to me this morning that she was going to the drugstore nearby
to get herself some deodorant and stuff like that so i asked her to look if they had
any cheap shampoo because ill only bee there for a few days so i dont need to
spend alot of money on something i will only need a little bit of.

Then my dad started saying NONONONO just get her some decent shampoo which
ever u think is best and i will pay for it! So i was like okay.. LOL.
My mum came back with the Herbal essences and my dad was like, is this any good?
And she said she picked it out because shes heard alot of good things about
herbal essences plus the pink bottle was for people with straight hair and she thought
the colour was very cute haha!

I opened it to see how it smelt like and the smell is gorgeous!

*image belongs to me.

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