Herbal Essences Long Term Relationship Leave-in Protector

4 years ago

my hair is extremely dry and frizzy, and i`ve tried a lot of different products to try to get my hair to be less of a mess. i`m trying to grow my hair longer. i trim my hair on my own regularly, but i wanted something that could make it stronger. if i`m going to grow it out, i don`t want it to be a total pain to take care of, you know?

i heard some good things about this so i got it a while back. it`s under $5 at target... not bad!

the thing i like most about this product is the smell. it smells so good!

sadly... this didn`t do much for my hair. i`m not surprised because far more expensive products like chi silk infusion that supposedly works wonders for a lot of people didn`t work at all on my hair. i don`t know what it is about my hair, but i`ve never done anything drastic to it and i haven`t used heat on it in ages! i`ve gotten much of it chopped off once a year for the past few years but it just always grows back frizzy and dry as ever :(

if anyone has any suggestions for products that really worked for them, please let me know! i would really appreciate it. i want to try something that works!

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