Her Birthday Haul with a Little Something for Me :)

4 years ago

It recently was one of my closest friend`s birthday (in January, 5 days eariler than mine :P) & I wanted to get her presents related to the a winter theme since we both are winter babies. She`s never been to H&M so I decided to surprise her with H&M clothing! Luckily for me she isn`t a picky dresser and we both have the same fashion sense so I knew what to get her without too much hasstle.
What I got her & Me
Burgundy Sweater with cable dealing.-24.95 winter screams out burgundy to me and since I love sweaters I`m sure she will feel the same! (Her)
Fuzzy Polka Dot Socks- Gray & Black- I actually got myself a pair as well but since it looked so fuzzy I took off the tags and wore them right away! Hehe, I think these are so adorable and with its fuzzy texture it makes the socks comfortable & warm as well!-9.95 (Her & Me)
Black Plain Scarf- I`m not sure what to say about this other than the fact that it is really long and thick! She does not own too many scarves and I find that black is a basic that anyone should have in their wardrobe! 12.95 (Her)
Black Fuzzy Sweater- I actually got the white cream version of this in Las Vegas not too long ago and since it seems to not be everyone`s preference in clothing it was on sale for 10.95! I had to pick it up my love for fuzzy things was the reason why I got this! (Me)
Hollister Store & Outlet
These are actually gifts from my aunt one from Christmas & one from the outlet. Since I was on a budget to use up the money I had with me that day for my friend`s birthday present when we were scrolling around she got me a skirt I was eyeing.
Christmas- I forgot to mentioned this in my previous haul since I worn it 2x so I didn`t know if they still had it in stores and didn`t want to show you something that was not sold. However, I found that this is still sold on the original Hollister`s website for around 20$
Outlet- Since winter screams out the color burgundy for me I wanted to get this skirt, however spent most of the money I had that day on H&M. Since this was only 7$ at the outlet my aunt went ahead and decided to get it for me. After trying it on at home Hollister comes up with the shortest shorts and skirts ever O: I definitely will be wearing these with tights underneath.
Charlotte Russe- This was the forgetten item that I mentioned in my last sweater haul. This is a beautiful white hairband with rhinestone jems for only 4$

That`s all for my haul and thank you so much for reading my long post! I ended up getting my friends a few more items, however I don`t think I will be mentioning those in a post since I already gave them to her before taking pictures :P. Definitely be expecting a birthday post!

<Strong> What do you think of the items I purchased? Do you like shopping at H&M? Comment down below :)<Strong>

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