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4 years ago

On the 26th of February I went on a field trip with my baby sister to the Henry Ford Museum in Dearborn Michigan.
The Henry Ford Museum is located on the same property as the Dearborn Ford plant the Ford Headquarters building and next to the Greenfield Village.

I was a little disappointed because we were a day late for the Lego Land exhibit. Which featured famous buildings made from lego`s.

The Henry Ford Museum features a bunch of great famous exhibits! Including the chair Lincoln was assassinated in, the Rosa Parks bus, and the Weinermobile.
There is also a large display of locomotives from old models to newer editions.
My favorite part of the museum was the planes. They have tons of different types of planes. They even have a paper airplane station where they teach you how to make paper airplanes and then a testing station to see how far your plane can really travel.
My sister was able to participate in a kid version of an assembly line making small toy trucks.
The Museum is really great because kids can learn hands on and really care about what they`re seeing and doing.

We got lucky the day we went my sisters school was the only one booked for the day so we basically had free range of the museum!

Within the museum they also offer 3 different locations to grab lunch, two are located on the museum floor and the other is located just outside the red rope entry (no worries you can get back in).
1. The Weinermobile Cafe: this little cafe is located in the western corner of the museum floor next to the Weinermobile. They feature things like Hot Dogs or chili dogs with chips.
2. Lamy`s Diner: Which is located in the center of the Museum floor. It`s in a refurbished 1950`s train car styled Diner. They offer Coffee, Soup and a whole menu of other Diner styled offerings.
3. Michigan Cafe (where I had Lunch): This is located at the East entry of the building and has a changing menu. It`s set up like a mini cafeteria and is prided that ALL the food products they offer are grown and processed in Michigan. I had a Burger and homemade chips and they were excellent. They even offer a selection of Michigan made Icecreams! The orange sherbet is heavenly!

And Surprisingly the museum food isn`t overpriced at all. The restaurants all offer a reasonably priced menu, unlike the souvinear shops.

The admission into the museum is also pretty cheap it cost $17.00 for a day adult ticket and kids tickets are even cheaper!

If you`re ever in the Dearborn area and have some extra time this is definitely a well spent afternoon!

All the photo`s provided above were taken by me, please do not use them.

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1. The first photo is of the center entry hallway, the airplane at the end is suspended in the air. The halls of the museum are just as beautiful and hold just as much history as the museum floor itself.

2. This is a photo of a GIANT model train set. There were 4 or 5 running trains on it one featuring a camera that filmed wherever it was going. I took this picture inside the engine in photo 3.

3. My baby sister in front of a locomotive engine! This was monumental and we were able to go inside of it!

4. This is an old race car sponsered by Rislone which is a company I have worked for frequently and one my father works for!

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