Henna Tattoo @ a Festival

4 years ago

A few weeks ago, there was a big international festival in my city where a lot of different vendors sell food and different countries perform music or dance, etc. This festival is a 3 day long festival and is one of the biggest events that my city puts on. The main attraction is always the food as different countries have their own tent to cook and sell their delicious food. There is also art and jewelry to buy and while you eat you can see people perform traditional dances, music, etc.

My little cousin was helping out at the Pakistan Henna tent (my cousin is not Pakistan, she was just getting art hours for her highschool) and while I was talking to her she told me that she could get me a free henna tattoo. I wasn`t planning on getting one but the idea of getting one for free just seemed too good to pass up. I used to get henna tattoos done all the time when I was little but I guess growing up it doesn`t attract me as much. But I do love seeing them on other people, especially the more extravagant designs where they are all over the arms & fingers.

I didn`t know what or where I wanted the henna tattoo so I just told the lady to do whatever. So she was looking through a book of designs and showed me a little bit of what she was going to do. I told her I didn`t want it too big or tooooo small.

The second picture is what it looks like when it`s first done. Then you have to let it dry completely and then you can peel of the dried paste. You are left with a temporary stain on your skin that lasts any where from a few days to in my case a couple weeks! I`ve never had any of my henna tattos last for over a few days but this time is lasted for over 2 weeks! LOL I don`t know what they put in their stuff but I guess it was strong. It was also a little more orange in color than what I used to get. But anyways, I thought it was cool and appreciate the art of henna.

The third picture is the lady putting a henna on a different person.

Have you gotten a henna tattoo before?

**all pictures are mine**

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