Helping a Plateau in Weight Loss

4 years ago

A good way to help a plateau in weight loss is to check your calories. Are you eating too many or too little calories? You can use an online calorie calculator that takes your level of activity and age and helps determine how many calories you should be eating. I recently upped my exercise and my eating stayed the same so I couldn`t figure out why I wasn`t losing. It was because my body was in starvation mode since I wasn`t adding calories to my diet to balance out the exercise!

If you are doing the same exercise day after day, that can also create a stall in weight loss and you should try adding weights or a different type of cardio to mix things up a bit.

Another way to fix a plateau is to vary your calories. Say you are doing 1200 calories every single day but not seeing results. Try doing a couple 1200 calorie days, a few 1000 calorie days and then a few 1500 calorie days. This keeps your body guessing.

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