Helpful Tips to Maintain and Grow Healthy Hair FAST!

First I`d like to tell you a little bit about my most recent `hair journey.` Since twelve, I started cutting hair myself in between visits to a salon, but as we all know getting your hair done `professionally` or even done at a beauty school can be pretty costly, pretty fast. By the time fourteen rolled around, I decided to no longer go to salons or beauty schools and instead I would do it all myself.

More recently in October of 2012, I had come to the decision that I wanted short hair. I cut my hair into a pixie hairstyle, I liked it for maybe a week and since I`ve been trying my hardest to grow my hair out back to where I had it. Before I cut my hair, it was all the way down to my belly button and the haircut was obviously very different from what I was used to.

I did a lot of research on how to grow your hair out and I did a lot of the things they suggested; I ate healthier, I tried that oil-scalp treatment (never do that, does not work!), I drank plenty of water, was taking vitamins, and etc.

My hair in general tends to grow pretty fast, due to the fact I have Italian in my DNA... if you didn`t know, they`re very well-known for fast growing hair. During the span of trying to grow it out, I did dye my hair a lot: I made my fringe black a lot of times, had blue/green hair, had red hair, etc.

I firmly believe in washing your hair everyday, especially if it feels overly greasy. I believe you should only cut your hair in the time that you`re growing out if there are split ends or if you have a set hairstyle you instead to grow it out as; for instance if you want hair similar to mine, you`ll have to keep up with your fringe and razor layers in there every once in a while. I`m a firm believer that Biotin, water, salmon, mangos, and vitamins are your best friends when growing your hair out and trying to keep it healthy. I cannot stress this enough, NEVER use your towel like you would sandpaper against your hair, that does so much more harm than good. Try to refrain from using hot tools such as hairdryers, crimpers, curling irons, hair straighteners, etc. on your hair. Refrain from hairspray! The only time you should use heat or chemicals on your hair is when it is absolutely necessary, like if you needed your hair to look a certain way for a wedding. ALWAYS make sure you are maintaining your split ends and getting them taken care of properly, a split end can go all the way up to your roots and ruin them; so it is VERY important to get rid of them as fast as possible. Never wrap your hair around your finger and pull split ends out that way, that just damages your hair more.


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