Help!: Which Jacket Should I Keep?

4 years ago

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PLEASE CLICK THE PICTURES to enlarge them, and for better clarity and quality of details (: Hey Fashion Luuuxlings ^^ If you saw my /viz/fall-fashion-haul-old-navy-hm from a few posts back, you know that I purchased an anorak from Old Navy! I was super excited about purchasing it.... but then I found a similar looking cargo jacket from Forever 21 that I liked equally as much :O I didn`t want it to sell out, so I just scooped it up, but now I`m stuck with the problem of which one I should keep T__T Of course, I wanted to get you Luuuxers` opinions before I made my final decision, because you always give me great feedback! ^^ Keep reading for more details on the two jackets! _____________________________________________________________
Jacket Candidate #1: Forever 21 Cargo Jacket
PROS: 1. This one is warmer. 2. It has really soft faux fur lining inside the hood and down the inside zipper lining. 3. It has more zipper & button details, making it a bit more stylish.
CONS: 1. It can look a little long on me, since I`m pretty petite. 2. It has no convenient side pockets to stick your hands in; only ones in the front that have button-closures. 3. It`s a little more expensive (because I got the Old Navy one with a coupon). -
Neutral: 1. It has a quilted inset lining that is not removable. 2. Drawstring to pull in the waistline. 3. The back is more plain. .
Jacket Candidate #2: Old Navy Anorak
PROS: 1. It`s shorter, so it doesn`t cut off my legs as much. 2. It has convenient open side pockets. 3. It`s less expensive (due to the coupon I used).
CONS: 1. It`s more lightweight, so not quite as warm. 2. Can look a little dull/plain when worn alone. -
Neutral: 1. It has a removable quilted insert lining. 2. It has a drawstring waistline. _____________________________________________________________ Thank you for reading this post! I got my stuffed bear to help me model the two jackets! ^^ I was going to model myself wearing the two jackets, but I thought my bear would keep things less biased (because he`s not wearing an outfit underneath that might sway an opinion a certain way) :D
Please let me know down below which jacket you would choose to keep! I`d really appreciate it if you`d give me your honest opinion! Thank you all in advance!
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