HELP!! My hair turned ORANGE

My natural hair color is light blonde but as I got older it got darker and finally when it got a mousy dark blonde I wanted to dye it a light bleach blonde. So after using two boxes I got the color I wanted. A couple of months passed with a few touch ups.One day I got this crazy idea that I wanted it to be a medium brown, so I used gosh hair dye. Than I died it a darker brown, but it turned out too red, so I died it again.I liked my hair but my family didn`t and they conviced me to die it back to blonde. My mother bought a drugstore hair dye with bleach, even though I told her I cannot do that my hair will turn orange. To prove my point and with lots of arguing (ufortunatly) I went ahead and dyed my hair. When I saw the results I screamed in the mirror, bright orange with white roots. My mother told me to just dye it again, so I did. It did fade it again, but still orange. So me being dumb dyed it AGAIN, now it is a bright yellow , but atleast the orange is gone. I read online and was deperate plus broke, I looked at everything. I even put dish soap in my hair ! ! someone online said to bleach it again, so I did but with my mom`s"hair bleach" it did very little, maybe I didn`t leave it long enough. My parents say its not that bad, and it looks strawberry blonde. Well I know what strawberry blonde looks like, and trust me this is nowhere close. My big problem is Im going on vacation in THREE days and need a solution so my hair is looking fine enough to go outside. PLEASE help me, any tips trick, I cannot go to a salon I don`t have enough money. I know I shouldn`t of listened to my mom, but you know what they say "moms know best". I feel like a idiot, and I cry everytime I look in the mirror , I`m at the point where I want to shave all my hair off and wear a wig... :(
so please no nasty comments that Im dumb and Im a stupid person to do this to my hair, but everyone makes mistakes.

please feel free to comment , I`m open to anything !

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