Help Me Design My Next Baby Quilt!

Hey All! A few weeks ago I was invited to a baby shower and before I got the invite I was thinking of something unique and creative to get her. So I decided that i would make something instead of going out and buying something. I went searching through my mom`s fabric store (aka just about every room of her house) and I found some fabrics that I liked. I decided to make a baby blanket ... well I ended up making a little baby quilt. It was my first quilt ever and it came out very good if I say so myself! I`ll upload the pics of that one later.

So last night an old co-worker asked for my address and I knew what it was for... she is currently expecting her first baby... so baby shower! I said, ok, gotta make another quilt. I asked if she knew her colors for his little room and she shared with me that he`s going to like navy blue, atomic orange and white... and that he also likes bright green. (she`s also an interior designer btw so her colors just made me happy and laugh at her atomic orange... not to mention that these are her baby`s choices, not her own)

So I got online looking for fabric options and to determine my design. I`m going to design the quilt exactly the same but I`m going to do a few things different in terms of how many fabrics I use to personalize it for this little man.

So to the left, you can see my design for the front and back of the quilt. My concept is for this to be laid out on the floor for the baby to wallow around on, or to fall asleep on when he gets a little older. If he likes it enough, hopefully he keeps it and uses it as a bed scarf at the foot of his bed. It will match his room as long as they remain these colors.

So here`s the fun part:

Section A is the border or the skin: pick as many fabrics as you like, I can piece them together to get them in all in, or pick a few and I can do the same.

Section B I call this the veins of the quilt: This fabric has all the colors needed to make the quilt cordinate. Please choose 1 of the fabrics that are labeled B (yellow or blue B) for the long strips. Now for the small B seen in white, pick up to 2 (including the one you selected for the strips) from the fabrics labeled B and up to 2 from the other choices excluding E (so a total of 4 choices max). I can mix them up and create a really pretty design.

Section C are the major organs: Ok these rectangles are the most vibrant pieces of the quilt, partly because they are the largest but they really make this quilt pop. On my first one I used the same fabric for this piece and just turned them either vertical or horizontal and it came out really pretty. But this time I can see this one with up to 3 color options. So select up to 3 options from any of the fabrics including options 4, 11, 16 & 21 but none of the B choices.

Section D I`ll call the bones of the quilt: We all need something stable to hold us all together. So for this section select up to 10 fabrics. On the first quilt I only used one fabric but it was so perfect for that quilt. This time I`m thinking of being a little more fancy and cutting the squares at a diagonol just to incorporate more fabrics. So between 1 and 10 fabric options will work for this size quilt. And that`s all for the front side!

Section E the body of the quilt: So this side is the soft and comfortable side of the quilt. I`m going to use fabric 21 which is an Ultra Cuddle Fleece in New Orange (source link). I may also use the dimpled Ultra Cuddle if I find it in the right color. I love ultra cuddle, it`s soooo soft, perfect for baby`s.

Section B again - Back Border: This border does not have to be identical to the front. It too can be mixed up. I definitely want at least 1 fabric from the fabrics labeled B but any of the non B fabrics can be added to this mix as well. So select up to 4 B fabrics and any of the non B options, excluding E.

Oh and the "personalization zone", here I use the same border as the back Border but it`s a smaller section. In the center I embroider the baby`s name along with some other little baby items I think are cute.

OK! So there we have it! Ready... set... GO! I`m excited to read your ideas! I don`t need to start this quilt until sometime next month but I plan on getting some of the fabrics soon while it`s still on sale!

This image is my own if you`d like to check out the fabric sites all of these fabrics can be found in their cotton/quilting sections:

Source link:

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