Hellraisers...fashion statement or woman`s self defense?

4 years ago

I`m on and off about hellraisers. They look quite intimidating but at the same time, wearable?

Benefits? Makeshift self defense on-the-go! Protect yourself with foot to groin attacks with these spiked shoes. Turning the "supposed" attacker to a victim! haha NOT PROVEN but it`s a nice thought and good argument for yourself if you can`t decide to buy it`s hefty price tag of $165. Although the price is better than the original Christian Louboutin which run around a GRAND.
There`s also questionable dealers on ebay who sell a cheaper alternative around 30-50 bucks and on http://romwe.com for 80-something.

Would you buy this "multi-purpose" fashion statement?
Check Sourcelink for the shoes, gotta love their description:
"Raise hell. You can literally use these as a weapon. Dark alleys and creepy dudes will now be something you look forward to. Enough said."

Source link: http://www.solestruck.com/unif-hellraiser-black-silver/index.html

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