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4 years ago

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Recently I got a new Macbook Pro from my mom as an early christmas present and I`m so grateful for it! My Previous macbook notebook was getting old ( I had it for almost 4.5 years), it worked perfectly fine but my mom insisted to get me a newer one so she wouldn`t have to buy me another computer for college in 2 years( and in case it ever decides to die on me )!

This one I received is the mid 2012 model. NOT late 2011.
"Macbook Pro 13-inch LED-backlit Widescreen notebook"
($1199.00 for 13 inch and $1799.00 for 15 inch)

The current Macbook Pro apple has is the Retina display version.
($1699.00 for 13 inch and $2199.00 for 15 inch)

-Starts up quickly
-Does not lag
-Not too heavy (but its not that light either)
-Does not overheat like the older macbook models

-Screen is too reflective (consider a matte screen protector)
-Key board can get a little greasy (consider a keyboard cover)

If you just browse the web and watch youtube videos and all that I don`t recommend you spend all that money on a 15 inch Macbook Retina because its unnecessary. If you make movies and edit or store videos/photos then i guess if you want that full experience of a bigger screen go pay that extra money.

I can honestly say that if you ever want to buy a new laptop and hold on to it for a long time, go invest in a macintosh computer. They are worth it I promise. If you are a gamer then just stick with a PC because we all know PC`s are so much better for gaming. The one I had before this one was dropped, spilled liquid on, and dropped another ten times and still it worked fine after that!

I remember My friend owned an HP laptop and about 5 months in she had it sent out 5 times to get it fixed/repaired from viruses and unexpected crashes ,all that expense to get it fixed added up to the same price as my macbook.


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