Hello Lamborghini!

4 years ago

I may be a girl, but I love me a nice car! My Dad got me into cars when I was little, lol. There`s a kid at my school who drives this amazing yellow Lamborghini and over the weekend I got a picture with it! :)

The kid who owns this car is known simply as "Lamborghini kid" haha. He always parks next to my friend at his apartment so we see it all the time. And this time, since I was dressed in my Halloween costume and all, I figured it was the perfect opportunity to get a picture with it, lol! Yeah, it came out a little blurry, but that`s beside the point :P

Lamborghinis have a truly gorgeous design. They ride low, are sleek, and just look pretty badass haha :) The only bad thing about this one is that the kid who drives it isn`t too good at it - it sounds like he`s killing the transmission! And almost every morning he nearly hits my friend`s car backing out of his spot, lol. So we`ll see how that goes, haha.

I definitely love me a pretty car :) I`m hoping to take some more pictures with it this weekend! My Dad will definitely be proud when I show him, lol :)

<strong>*Image is my own!!*</strong>
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