Hello Kitty Psycho`s (Next Level Obsession.. ie: Not Cute)

4 years ago

Hello Kitty takes a turn for the deep end. Hello Kitty home, no, don`t do that. Hello Kitty Microscope = Automatic discredit of anything you may discover under the lens of that. Nobel Prize Winner, never. Found the cure for cancer? Nope, not with that thing. Hello Kitty 747. Terrorists? Nope, only the psychos on board! Jesus, who? Hello Kitty isn`t in the Bible, contrary to what the weirdo who made this thing thinks. Hello Kitty machine gun? Death by Hello Kitty machine gun? Hello Kitty condom holder? Not sexy. Not of age either. Hello Kitty RV home... Hello Kitty RV Home, enough said. Hello Kitty sausage? I`ll pass. Hello Kitty douche bag, literally. Live, Breathe, Eat, DIE Hello Kitty.. again, literally. You think you know, but you have no idea, HELLO KITTY is disabling my life- documentary. Do you know anyone who`s life is being crippled by their Hello Kitty addiction? (We all have that one friend, right? hmmm.) Please film them in all their hilarious misery and send the tape into Sanrio so we can so show these psycho`s to everyone. Hello Kitty Poop Strawberry-Flavored Toothpaste. Uh, sick.

Source link: http://www.hellokittyhell.com

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