Hello Kitty Mooncake

Hello everyone! Last Monday during Malaysia Day I went to Sungei Wang! I got Hello Kitty Mooncakes last after shopping!

Isn`t this THE cutest mooncake ever?? I only found out about this when my friend Ying gave me a brochure to see. I actually only looked at it initially thinking of how expensive they must be then 2 days later I SO want to try some! Mooncakes are fun! Every year, hotels will make some unique flavors. The mid-Autumn festival is here so mooncakes are selling everywhere! Btw these mooncakes are Halal for my Muslim friends! Here`s some pictures of the brochure

How to resist right??

I got the set 4 Mooncakes for 72 Ringgit (The Sales lady gave some discount) including a free bag, choice of 4 different bags. I like this one the most! It`s a cooler bag, can be used for mooncakes, drinks and of course makeup, Who knows, maybe I`ll need to use a travelling makeup bag and then all my makeup won`t melt in my car!, I took back the mooncakes in the bag so that It stays cool!

My 4 Mooncakes, I ate the crisp chocado already lol

I wanted to try at least one dry hard skin mooncake because I usually prefer the Snow skin ones

Crisp Chocado, I don`t really like this one, does not taste like Oreos like it said too but it was good enough that I finished it

Mango Cha Cha,. really yummy if you are a mango lover, there`s even pieces of the mango fruit inside! There`s also some white chocolate chips, the snow skin was chewy enough for me to eat it slowly and enjoy the flavors, not bad! The color doesn`t look as good as the rest but I like it nevertheless!

Next is one of my favorites too! It`s called ChamPink Apple which fits because it looks like an apple! The ChamPink? Maybe it`s champagne + pink? It`s not really champagne but it has grapes in it! I think the lotus paste mix with apples and grapes tastes so good!

This is my absolute most favorite Mooncake! Coco Diva, Chocolate lotus paste, choc-Oreos and Macadamia nuts coated with Belgium Dark Chocolate, super delicious! My brother shared this with me and I don`t think he likes the size of the Macadamia nuts lol! It`s huge but overall the chocolate tastes really good! I want some more! *__* Btw it`s not glistening with glitters it`s actually condensation lol, just water

Overall I really wished I didn`t pick Crisp Chocada as I prefer Snowskin or Chilled chocolatey or maybe try the Tiramisu one because I don`t like dry mooncakes it doesn`t look all that appetizing to me but I really enjoyed eating the rest! :) If I had more money I would SO belanja (treat) all my friends to eat Mooncake!

Are you gonna eat Mooncakes this year? :)

See you soon!

~quin kitty

Pictures and Content are my own

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