Hello Kitty Anti-Dust Plug!:)

4 years ago

Hey luuuxers!! I recently bought this hello kitty anti-dust plug for my iPhone. An anti-dust plug blocks anything from getting into the part where you plug your headphones into your phone to prevent damage. It probably has a name but I don`t know it lol. Well I thought this was really cute even though it didn`t look much like hello kitty compared to picture they had online. I bought it from amazon for $3.98 which wasn`t bad at all! However, I don`t like the fact that the part that goes into the phone is made of plastic and it feels loose so I only use it when I know that I would be passing my phone all over the place. I almost had a panic attack the other day at school because I looked down and it was gone, but it fell in my bag when I had my phone in my hand lol I did consider returning it but it was only $3.98 and it would probably cost more to ship it back to them so I`m keeping it. Any phone that has a headphone port can use these, iPods too. I do plan on getting more just to collect them because they don`t cost much. They have hearts and many many other designs! What do you guys think? Anyone have any anti-dust plugs?

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