Hello, I am a lotion hoarder )

4 years ago

I apparently have a hoarding gene because I fell in LOVE with this Avon lotion and when I went to the next campaign and it wasn`t in there I had a little panic attack (okay, so it was like WHERE IS IT!? not give me a paper bag I can`t breathe). It was the first time I saw the lotion in the Avon catalog and since I tend to have issues with my hands lately I figured I`d give it a try since they were 99 cents for the full-sized bottle. Needless to say, I fell in love and saw it on the Avon website for $5.99 but couldn`t find it in the physical catalog. And well, if I don`t have to pay shipping for something I`d much rather go that route. In case you`re not aware of what I am talking about, I`ve written a review on this lotion, you can find it: /viz/review-avon-care-silicone-glove-protective-hand-cream. I called my Avon representative and THANKFULLY she is able to go back 2 campaigns, so she could locate the lotion in the catalog. I told her to order me 4 or 5 bottles (HOARDER!!) AND they came in today! I was so excited, I totally love this stuff and use it every single day. The greatest part is I paid 99 cents each and I saw in the new campaign that they are $5.99 each. Woot, glad I got them at that amazing price!
QUESTION: Have you ever tried any of Avon`s lotions? Image is mine do not take or use. Thank you. beauty

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