Hello Future Glasses!

The Google Team are working on a project called "Project Glass" which are a pair of augmented reality glasses designed to be your personal assistant.

<strong>What can these glasses do that other standard glasses can`t?</strong>
Voice activated glasses-- Meaning you can make voice and video calls
<em>How`s that possible? No idea but it`s a feature that Google wants to incorporate into the glasses</em>
Check in to places (like what you can do on Facebook)
Share photos to social networks
Real time maps
Weather updates
Reminder alerts
And much more <em>but who knows that more</em>
[If you could add some features what would you add? A commenter on the site mentioned it`d be cool if there is a photo recognizer and helps you remember the persons name, that would be cool but that would be super high tech!]

To summarize "Project Glass" it`s going to be your own personal assistant but in a glasses form and not a phone. This device can be attached to you at all times (most of the time) and more convenient but you do look dorkier.

What do you think of the concept of these glasses? Will you be down to buy these (It`s rumored to cost about $250 to $600)

Honestly, I don`t see a purpose of wearing this? I don`t think I would want to wear a head piece at all times but I`m sure it will be "the future device" just not something I will follow just yet.

Source link: http://dvice.com/archives/2012/04/googles-shows-o.php#1

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