Hello Berry Inspired Bracelets by Yaz G. !!

4 years ago

When I think of lanyard I go back in time to the days when life was simpler and all I had to worry about during the Summer was having fun at Summer camp making lanyard keychains with my friends. Yes, those were the good ol days, and never in a million years would I imagine that lanyard would become a fashion trend.

I believe it was Hello Berry on Etsy who started this new trend where lanyard and gold chain was connected to created a gorgeous bracelet. The only problem is, this seller charges an arm and a leg for one! I`ve always wanted to figure out how to make these but I am not that good at jewelry making so I decided it`s better I don`t try. lol.

Earlier last week Yaz G. post some of her creations on Instagram and I fell in loveee!!! I asked her if she was selling them and told her I wanted to buy a black, white and teal one and she was kind enough to message me back saying she would send me some. She is such a sweetie!!!

I received them in the mail yesterday and they are even prettier in person. I told her that she needs to start selling these!! Don`t you guys agree???

These bracelets are really well made and perfect for stacking. I can`t wait to do some arm candy posts with them!!

Thank you so so so much Yaz!! You really shouldn`t have!!! I really hope I can meet you on June 30th (Luuux meet up). You are such an amazing person. If you don`t know who yaz is (but I am sure you do) she has been blogging since October of last year and always posts some of the most amazing hauls (as well as other types of posts of course). All of her content is 100% and is a great role model for all Luuuxers! Everyone please follow her: http://www.luuux.com/members/YazG

If anyone is interested in attending the Luuux Bay Area meet up please RSVP here: http://www.luuux.com/community/bay-area-luuux-meet-63012

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