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4 years ago

First of all, Hello again! I have been gone for a couple of months because i haven`t been able to post and comment like i did before, but i still checked in and saw some posts even though i didnt post or comment.
I was planning on making a post say that im still around lol but i didn`t got around to it and now, due to all these changes, i thought it would be a good time for it.
Hopefully i will be able to post more soon.

Now, what everybody is commenting on : the new shop. I have to say that i too was disappointed and shocked at the same time about how much the prices have gone up and the different prizes now - also, by the lack of gadgets, which i understand will come back soon.
Like many others, i too was saving up for something(a camera by the way), that is no longer there but hopefully other one or something also interesting will be back. It really is disappointing when you save up and then you can`t use it on anything.

I do understand the changes though. Times are tough and luuux doesn`t get the prizes for free, so i was expecting a little raise in the prices already but not this much and so much changes.
LUUUX does deserves congrats on one thing: the new layout. I think its well organized and makes it easier to find the products.

Because of these changes, a lot of users i had interaction here on luuux are leaving or thinking about leaving. For those of who i had some interaction here that are leaving, if i can`t make you consider sticking with luuux for a little while longer to see what they are planning, i would just like to say that it really was great interacting with you all here and part were/are part of what made luuux a nice experience, so thank you.

I don`t plan on leaving luuux, even though I disagree with their big increase in the prices, and i will try to post something soon, but just like before, i won`t be able to come here as regularly to post or comment.

[strong]Will you be leaving luuux? What are you thoughts on the new shop?
Also, i read that electronics would be available today for the EU. Does anyone see an electronics section on the shop? It doens`t appear on mine[/strong]

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