Helicopter Ride Over Mountain Roraima in Venezuela

5 years ago

Helicopter rides has always been a dream of mines to do before I die. I`ve seen a few helicopter rides on TV where people go on dates! That`s sick right there!

Here`s a mountain that is called Mount Roraima. If you`re one of me than you would want a amazing view of this beautiful mount than a helicopter ride is a must. If you take a helicopter ride through this you`re going to see a gorgeous view of Mount Roraima & the Greater Canaima National Park. 

Mount Roraima is by far the highest mountain in the Pacaraima Mountains. There are three borders of Venezuela, Brazil and Guyana because Roraima lies on them. 

Maverick Rock stands at 2,810 meters (9,219 feet) while the mount is a flat top surface place that is surrounded by (1,312+ feet) high sheer cliffs. You can go rock climbing, but it has to have its gear. 

1. Have you gone through a helicopter ride before?
2. What are other countries you`ve visited?

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