Heinz Company creates mini usb microwave

4 years ago

Hello luuuxers,
Formerly the offices of the secretaries were too big for just a pen and a notebook, or a little later a typewriter ... Now the space is too small for useful computers, laptops, tablets, phones and banal to occupy the desks and tables all ... Now it explores the usb port that serves as electrical extension for all ...
Now the company Heinz is to develop low microwave world together with Beanzawave. The prototype has only 18.7 cm high, 15.7 cm wide and 15 cm comprimento.Se hit the market, is expected to cost around $ 160. If fashion pick, the computer industry will start making keyboards anti-fats, in order to adapt to the gluttons who spend hours and hours to eat at the computer lol

What do you think of this microwave mini computer?

image not mine

Source link: http://www.mktmais.com/2009/06/produtos-inovadores-com-design-e.html

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