Heels !!!!!!

Ok you guys, I just went out and bought these awesome heels at jc penneys for only $17 on sale! They are platform heels. Let me tell you alittle something about high heels and one of the big secrets to actually wearing heels. When you first look at these I bet you`re thinking (wow I could never walk in these, and omg they are so so high) . Well let me tell you lol I thought the same thing but here`s what I came to find out...... When you are shopping for high heels and your new to these crazy looking shoes lol the first thing you need to understand is the thinner the actual heel is the harder it is to walk in and to keep your balance. Look at the shoes I just bought.... the heel is pretty thick all the way around and makes it easier to walk in. Also you need to understand how much of an arch your feet are going to have in the shoes. I love platform shoes because its kinda of an illusion . The platform may look higher up and scary looking but actually It give you less of an angle of your feet so your not walking on your tippy toes and much easier to walk in....believe it or not.....so try a pair on and tell me what u think :). The color of the heels i bought is called blush and the brand is city streets :) HAPPY BLOGGING EVERYONE !

Source link: http://www.jcpenney.com

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