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Okay, So which would you rather wear to a party? Heels or Flats.
For me i would rather wear flats, mainly because i HATE being taller than other people, but i love wearing heels. They make me feel so lady like and also so feminine. But Put yourself in my shoes (PUN) Do you think me buying loads of heels is a bad idea? when i`ve worn them once. Or do you think i`m too young to be wearing them in the first place?(i`m 15 by the way) What do you wear? and how old are you? and also do you feel a lot more power in them. So this picture is mine what do you think of my heel collection? And last question (i promise and by the way these aren`t rhetorical questions i`d love you to answer them) Do you wear heels on a daily basis? I don`t know for school, work or just shopping.
C`mon girls and boys (if your into this sorta stuff i don`t want to rule you out) TELL ME I WANT YOUR FEEDBACK! Much love readers! P.S as you can see these are some of my heels, also yes most of them are from Newlook cos they have the BEST shoes!

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