Heat`s LeBron James picks critical time for one of his best playoff performances ever

4 years ago

After one of the greatest playoff performances you`ll ever see 40 points, 18 rebounds and nine assists James` legs were buried in a bucket of ice, his eyes buried in the book, "The Hunger Games." Now and then, LeBron lifted his eyes up to talk with a passing teammate, but mostly his lips silently mouthed the words on the pages. If nothing else these days, the NBA`s MVP is engrossed.
Lebron James stepped up to show everyone why he was chosen to be the 2012 MVP. Its harder because Chris Bosh was gone to an abdominal strain, Wade had disconnected, and James understood that these Pacers were too big, too deep and too talented."Everybody knew what 3-1 would`ve meant," Miami`s Shane Battier said. I hope for the best of the Miami Heat and will cheer them now as a true fan. I am not on the LBJ band wagon because D-wade has always and will always be my favorite player. I can say, Im blessed to have such talent on the Miami roster/team.

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