Heat Sensitive Urinals LOL

5 years ago

Hey There,

Ok, so when I saw this I was like WTH??? Really? Why? Lmaol. I guess to men technology is cool no matter what. But I can`t speak for them since I am not a male. Haha. Apparently this is a heat sensitive urinal.
Haha, so this is like the men`s time to check out their pee. It is said that the hotter your pee, the darker the color. Haha.

Ok now I don`t want to sound like a pervert, but I do notice that men/boys like to play around while they pee. Haha especially in the snow. Puahahha. Yes, I said it and if anyone denies it, they are a lie. I know at some point in time you`ve played around while peeing. This just gives the guys more to think about when peeing in these high tech heat sensitive urinals.

Since this invention came out I would like to know how many men have left their mark on a urinal? How many enjoyed it?
And how many thought it was hella weird? Lol.

What do you think?

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