Hear Your Lvers Heartbeat Pillow!

<strong>Are you away from your significant other? In a long distance relationship? How do you cope with it?</strong>

Well, Pillow Talk is a concept that is aimed for those that are in a long distance relationship. This creation is that both couples have a pillow and a ring sensor (ring you wear) then you can hear your significant others heartbeat. Not quite sure how much this cost but I`m sure it`d be somewhat pricey!

This is a great creation however I don`t see how you can wirelessly communicate if you`re far away. Maybe, they use some sort of technology like a cell phone?

<strong>What do you think of this concept? Would it make you feel better if you can hear your significant others heart beat when they`re away?</strong> I guess it`s creepy but if I was in a long distance relationship and other than the phone the only way of contact is knowing if my significant other is alive, then this would be a great alternative! =)

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