Healthy Start For Summer: NO MORE SODA!

4 years ago

Hey everyone! Happy summer :) With summer always comes the parties, BBQs, and other get togethers. We all know that one of the most common drinks during this time is SODA. Now what`s wrong with drinking a little soda here and there? A LOT!
1.Soda is full of sugar and fat
2.Soda can lead to long-term health consequences
3.Soda has aspartame or high fructose corn syrup (dangerous chemicals for our bodies)
4.Soda hinders your ability to exercise
5.Cans, glass, plastic, or aluminum hurt our environment

Now it`s not always easy to just stop drinking soda! We all know that is tastes good and sometime you just have a craving. Here are some healthier options.
1. Izze. they are fizzy like soda BUT they are made with real fruit juice and have less unhealthy chemicals.
2. La Croix. These are seriously just made with fruit juice and carbonated water!
3. You can always just drink juice (: My personal fave is the Ocean Spray White Peach

Hope these helped some of you guys!

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