Healthy Snack Options: How to FIT!

4 years ago

hey luuuxers,
now i know it`s not always easy to find healthy snacks to keep you on track whilst trying to shed that weight. so today i`ve put together a small slideshow of healthier food options that are pretty much available at any grocery(trader joes, whole foods, pathmark,meyers, target, etc).
I do not claim to be a food nutritionist this is just simply my opinion on healthier food options that I like to eat! comment below your favorite! **pics are mine do not use** xoxo
1. Popcorners-white cheddar- much better for you because they are "popped" chips not fried and are all natural and gluten free!
2. Chobani Greek Yogurt-peach,blueberry,raspberry-very filling yogurt, good for breakfast or in between meals snack!
3. Special K Protein Cereal- good for breakfast, VERY filling!
4. Wheat Thins- great, light, healthier cracker
5. Kirkland Pistachios- nuts do wonders for your body, and are super good for them. These are ever so lightly seasoned and from COSTCO.
6. Trader Joe`s Roasted Seaweed Snack- the best! some may think it has a weird taste but i love it! they are roasted seaweed strips and are such a great alternative for potato chips, and i love the taste
7. Trader Joe`s Pita Pockets- great for sandwhiches you can stuff veggies and what not in the "pocket". It`s soo good! Great that it`s whole wheat too!
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