Healthy Snack: Fruits

4 years ago

I did a post earlier showing one of the healthy snacks I try to keep on hand in the house. It was bell peppers. In the same vein, I try to make sure we always have some sort of fresh fruits in the house. I prefer fresh over frozen or canned because canned typically has tons of sugar and are stored in a syrup. Even if it is stored in water, you aren`t getting a fruit with all its nutrients because it is no longer fresh. Frozen is typically cooked a bit and THEN flash frozen. So again, you aren`t getting something that is actually fresh. When you shop fresh you are getting it in nearly its freshest state, unless you grow them yourself or even buy from a local farmer.

This week I picked up several fruits but a couple that I put together for myself and my son for this mornings snack was watermelon and blackberries. I buy the watermelon filet because of convenience and they don`t have the black seeds in them. I chop them up into chunks and sometimes will sprinkle a touch of salt over the top. The blackberries I pull out of the crate as I need them and wash them JUST before eating. I don`t wash them and then store them away because that can make them soggy. If you wait to wash right before you eat them, they are still firm. Berries are known to get soft quickly and when you wash and store, that increases the rate at which they become soft and mushy. BLECH!

Blackberries are probably my favorite of berries, along side strawberries. I`ll eat others like raspberries and blueberries, but prefer black and strawberry.

The watermelon and berries were quite sweet this week. We`re coming into the season that the fruits taste their best. :-)


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