Healthy Snack Day 1

4 years ago

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Hey guys!
This is my snack for Day 1!

1 can of Diet Coke
1 Luna Bar in Lemon Zest

The reason I love this snack is because of how cheap it is. 1 can of Diet Coke cost about 79 cents and 1 Luna bar cost 98 cents. All together this snack cost 1.77! Thats less that what you can get out of a vending machine.

These Luna bars are meant for womens health but I don`t see why they would not be ok for men to eat as well. These bars are extremely flavorful and soo so delicious. I found them in the diet and health section at my local Walmart. Luna offers so many different flavors of these bars as well which is perfect because there`s some that everyone would enjoy. Also what I love about these bars is that located on the back there is a who inspires you quote. :D How cute is that.

This snack is also very low in calories, only 180 calories for both the drink and the bar. I read an inspirational health quote that I think about regularly, "Would you rather eat or drink your calories" and I think about this everytime I want a high calorie beverage.

Thank you so much for reading and please continue with me in my journey to become a better version of myself. :D

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