Healthy Snack - Roasted Peas

4 years ago

One of my favorite snacks to replace chips =P

This is actually a relatively easy snack to make yourself, but you do have to find the peas yourself and roast them. Keep in mind that you would have to find large peas because once roasted, the water drains out and the peas shrink. Frozen peas are already small so I have no idea how far they`ll shrink after you roast them =S It`s almost next to impossible to find peas in Canada unless they`re frozen or in a can. We have a lot of snap peas here but not the ones to make roasted peas with. Hence I always buy them pre-made at Bulk Barn or T&T Supermarkets. Metro has it too =)

As the name suggested, roasted peas are peas that were grilled/roasted to drain all the water out and then salt is added. They have a very unique crunch, like potato chips or corn nuts, but they are lower in calories, fat and provide a good source of fibre.

They`re about 400 calories a cup, but mind you, a cup is a lot. Usually eating 1/3 cup is more than enough.

Most peas still have their outer layer attached so you will get two textures, the flakey outer layer and the very hard and crunchy seed. The peas actually do taste like regular potato chips and the taste of the peas is gone once roasted.

The best part is, because the roasted peas are dehydrated, once they`re in your stomach, they expand out with water, and so you feel fuller after eating this.

Though healthier than chips, I would not recommend anyone counting this as 1 serving of vegetables =P Life isn`t that easy.

It does get a bit greasy though, especially the T&T ones. If I could find peas that were large enough, I would roast my own and decrease the oil I use.

Have you guys tried this?

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