Healthy Organic Dinner!

3 years ago

I decided to make a healthy and delicious dinner tonight, so I turned to my organic groceries and figured what I could make. I recently bought a bunch of organic food so I`ve been trying to make each meal as healthy as possible (although I do get the occasional Starbucks... lol). Tonight I had seasoned grilled chicken and a side fruit salad!

The chicken I had is organic free-range chicken which is a much better option than the chicken in regular packaging at the grocery store (less GMOs!). I seasoned it with garlic powder, paprika, thyme, and rosemary and grilled it on my grill pan. I`ve always just baked my chicken breasts before, so grilling it was an adventure, lol!

The fruit salad I made was a last-minute thing. I originally intended to have a regular salad with some organic lettuce, but I unfortunately had let it sit in my fridge longer than I thought :( So I had to toss it (thankfully there wasn`t too much left). So I turned to see what else I had in my fridge and decided a nice fruit salad would be good. I used organic strawberries and an organic granny smith apple and cut them up and used some strawberry balsamic dressing to add a little something :) Sooo good!!

Eating healthy really is important, especially considering the literally killer chemicals that go into most foods nowadays. Always buy locally or organic if possible (but you still have to watch things that are labeled "organic" because it`s not always true!! Scary!!). You`ll feel much better on the inside! :D

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