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How to paint them?

Will always ensures that the layers of varnish are dry before the following pass. If you do not do this, they can be stained and ugly.
The right way to go is to start with veneer center, and then off to the sides of the nail.
To increase the durability of the coating is a basic colorless before applying. It is preferable to pass two layers thinner than a thick one.
If you opt to have their nails painted, should be very careful and have them always perfect: Few things give the impression of carelessness as nails with varnish to jump and badly painted.
If we get a bit of the edge of the nail, we should remove the excess with a stick with cotton dipped in nail polish remover. But if "all out evil" is better thou take away everything with the same specific liquid and re-paint the fingernail. If teimarmos to correct the error with an even thicker layer of varnish is a second failure since there is a patch that will take to dry and be imperfect.
Never use acetone, it dries your nails, give preference to oily varnish removers.
A trick efficient, which helps to maintain the veneer longer passes through the application of a varnish coat, which also has the great advantage of helping to dry.

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