Healthy morning Habits!

Here are some great healthy cleansing morning habits that work great for me and my friends/family around me! Hope these work for you too!:)

*Always eating at least SOMETHING in the morning like a piece of fruit (or your body will go into starvation mode and everything you eat the rest of the day your body won`t let go of and will be 10 times harder to loose)

*Start using (in the morning) an antibacterial face cleansing bar. They work AMAZING. And leave your skin squeaky clean and fresh!

*(if you work out in the morning) Weigh yourself AFTER you go to the bathroom and workout, but BEFORE you eat breakfast. Now definitely do this but a small tip so your body doesn`t go into starvation mode...don`t eat breakfast but eat a slice of apple or banana. It really helps!

*(if you are in school or work) Tests have shown that students or people that work actually improve brain activity by 40-60% by doing some form of exercise was soon as they wake up. Try something easy like running up and down the stairs, or down a hallway a few times:)

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