Healthy Meal Plan For Weight Loss

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Healthy Eating and Weight Loss seems like a forever long journey that comes hand in hand. Of course it`s hard to see results in just one day, and so it is something that you will have to be constantly working towards. One way is to start by eating right. These foods won`t necessarily make you lose weight, but it sure will help if you did, and optimize weight loss with a regular exercise routine!

Fiber can be found in fruit, vegetables, whole grains and what it does is make you feel more full without the extra calories, making you avoid overeating. Think of it as a natural hunger curber! So if you have the chance, choose whole grains over processed, refined grains, and filling up your plate with fruit and veggies.

Lean Protein
Beef contains plenty of saturated fat, which should be reduced for weight loss and for a healthier diet in general. Choose lean cuts of beef and remove any visible fat in preparation. Opt for meat choices like poultry, pork and fish. Use seasonings and spices, and if you must have your steak, then choose lean cuts such as Eye of round roast or steak, Sirloin tip side steak, Top round roast and steak, Bottom round roast and steak, Top sirloin steak. Avoid any deli meats as well.

Dairy products can be high in fat, but fortunately there are many reduced-fat versions. So try low fat milk, cheese, yogurt, sour cream, ice cream (in moderation). Make sure that you can handle the lactose content, otherwise you might feel bloated after just a glass of milk, so experiment.

Water is the ideal since it contains no calories, fat or anything that will affect you negatively. Drinking close to at least 2 L a day will actually help you lose weight. It`s counter intuitive, but it works. That`s because water makes you feel fuller longer, but of course exercise will be a huge help, during exercise, since most of your weight you get daily is from water weight, you will sweat it off! Try to limit yourself on juices, since they contain tons of sugar, and that also includes sport drinks, sodas, sweetened coffee, basically most of the things you can buy. If you can make your juice from scratch, then go for it!! Homemade fruit juice will contain a substantially lesser amount of sugar than the ones you buy in store. Black coffee and black tea are also risk free, think of it as flavoured water. Remember, beverages can lead up to a lot of extra calories that don`t really constitute as a meal and it rarely does it make you full, so if you can, skip the drink and just grab a bottle of water!
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