Healthy-Ish Breakfast

So I am trying to loose weight and hopefully eating more healthy. So this morning I had this avocado and tomato on toast, with some tea.

Now, firstly I know that bread, especially white bread isn`t 100% healthy, but I also don`t think it`s 100% unhealthy either. I want to loose weight, but I also want to enjoy life and enjoy food, so white bread it is.

For the topping on the bread, I tried to go healthy. Avocado is like an amazing thing. Not only does avo taste good, but its very good for you. Now I`m not an expert on food, so really, I don`t know why avo is good for you, but I know it is.

Ontop of the avo, I put some tomato and salt. I feel that a tiny bit of salt makes the avo taste so much better, since without it, I just don`t like it so much. I also put some tomato ontop, just because I love tomatoes and will fill me up more.

For my drink, just a cup of tea. I have started to put honey in instead of sugar. I used to do this years ago, but I started doing it again since I was sick, but I guess I have just continued to do it.

Hopefully this breakfast is healthy and will help with my weight loss and life change.


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