Healthy Hoof = Strong Nails amp Soft Cuticles

5 years ago

This is a product I have been using for a little bit now. I wanted to give it some time to make sure I liked it before I decided to post about it. This is Healthy Hoof. Sounds crazy, right? The container says it is the original equestrian formula used by horse trainers. I found it, not in some oddball farming store or anything like that, but right in the beauty aisle by a bunch of nail products. This cost me around $4.00 if I remember correctly. There is 28 g/1 oz of product, which is a very good amount, especially for the low price I paid. I`ll be using this for quite some time to come. I do my best to remember to use this every day, as they suggest, but sometimes forget. I definitely notice the improvement to my nails and cuticles when I am consistent with application, though. My nails feel stronger and have less bend to them. I have always had naturally thinner, weak nails. This definitely helps them. As for the cuticles, you will notice an immediate difference, for the better, when you rub some of this in. Mine are so moisturized and don`t look scraggly and crusty. BLECH! The container doesn`t say if you should use this on just bare nails. I have done both. I probably use it more, in fact, when I have polish on just because I`m rarely without! If I decide to go the night (or even a day or two, which is rare) without polish I will make sure I have this on. I feel like it gives an extra coating to the nails without there being a film feeling. I try to make sure I apply some of this after each manicure is completed. I wait for the polish to dry fully, or nearly, and apply it. It doesn`t seem to effect polish wear time or anything of that nature. You only need the tiniest amount. I dip my finger in and pick up a small amount on the pad of my index finger and then blob that across the base of each nail bed on one hand. I then massage that into the cuticles and the entire nail. Repeat for the second hand. It doesn`t leave my fingers feeling greasy and slick. It sinks in pretty quickly and has long lasting results. The consistency is a cross between a very rich, thick cream and (as someone else put it) a melted lip balm. It isn`t really waxy, but also isn`t as wet as a lotion product. Its a strange in-between. I always feel that I need to mention scent. I know people can be put off by fragrance in a product. This definitely has a smell to it. I don`t find it offensive, personally. I can smell lavender and something that smells herbal-like. I can`t really put my finger on it. Between Healthy Hoof and the Burt`s Bees Lemon Cuticle Cream, I`m golden. I flip flop back and forth between the two products, but recently have been reaching for the Healthy Hoof more often. I`m curious to know if any of you have used this or something similar. Also, what kinds of products do you find work best for maintaining moisturized cuticles and strong nails?
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