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The outer beauty of a person over the years will fade. Taking care of our health is something that will benefit us for a lifetime. A healthy heart can be achieved by all of us. Genetics might influence how our heart might become but there are proactive steps we can take to counter the DNA to have a healthy heart, thus becoming healthy individuals. Exercise, diet, proper sleep, and the removal of stress from our life`s is extremely important. Stress plays a hidden role in how healthy our hearts are. Stress can bring on the following biolological functions according to "Psychology and the Changes of Life" (2010); "Corticosteroids are secreted, Adrenaline is secreted, Noradrenaline is secreted, Respiration rate increases, Heart reate increases, Blood pressure increases, Muscles tense, Blood shifts from internal organs to the skeletal musculature, Digestion is inhibited, Sugar is released from the liver, and Blood clotting increases." All of this points us to the reason why we should do all we can to remove stress from our life`s. Our hearts are depending on us. A long life is dependant on us taking care of our hearts.
Question: How important do you think taking care of our hearts by removing stress is in the overall beauty of a person?

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