Healthy Hair tips

5 years ago

Healthy hair starts by your well-being. Eating the proper nutrients, staying hydrated and exercise contribute to healthy hair. Using harsh chemicals, dyes, hot tools do a great deal of damage to your hair. Over washing strips the oils from your hair that help to naturally nourish it. Try to wash every other day and if you can`t stand the disgusting oils that build up like I can`t, use a dry shampoo. Shampoos are a big contributor, use natural products with no sulfates or parabens to help maintain healthy hair. Deep conditioning a few times a week or oil treatments can help. Try to use less products when styling hair, lay off the hair spray which has alchohol and dries out your hair. Air dry your hair instead of blow drying! If you have to blow dry or use a hot tool set the heat temperature lower. Also, trimming your hair every 4-6 weeks helps to get the dead ends off so it looks healthier. The idea is to keep everything natural and go for simple hair ideas and the less damage will be done. There are some great at home hair remedies you can find online.

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