Healthy Hair: Lay off the Heat

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Healthy hair seems like it`s hard to achieve but it`s actually not. A lot of women struggle with their hair because they don`t really know how to take care of it but it`s pretty simple! One of the biggest problems ladies face is dry brittle hair that breaks off and and splits at the ends. The usual culprit? Heat. Too much heat can really damage your hair so you have to be careful with the tools you use and the way you use them. I try to only use heat when necessary. I haven`t given up my flat iron (and probably never will lol) but I`ve practically given up my blow dryer. I don`t think blow dryers are anymore damaging than flat irons but using both back to back is asking for trouble. Especially without the use of a heat protectant. I know it`s hard but if you can skip the heat, do it. If not turn that dial down! Even the coarsest hair doesn`t need more 350 degrees to get straight. Your hair will thank you later!
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