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Hi Luuuxers
You hair is one of the most beautiful parts of you so we should take care of it so that it looks and feels healthy. Keeping your hair looking good can feel like a lot of hard work but is easy as long as you do it the right way and as I have said millions of time natural is better so will read about a lot of natural tings but I know its a natural beauty blog but I couldnt make all of it natural so sorry. Everyone has different hair so here are some different tips that I hope can help anyone.
1. Wash your hair but dont wash it too much as that will wear it out. If youre someone who washes it everyday try washing it every other day.
2. Dont use too much heat on your hair keep it natural it looks much more better. If you do use heat make sure to use heat protestant and use natural masks to help protect hair form heat damage.
3. Dont use too many products in your hair as they have a lot of chemicals in them which arent so good for your hair.
4. Make natural hair masks on your hair their better cheaper and will give you better results.
5. Make sure your drinking water and I know everyone says this but it does work and will not only help your hair but your skin and your health.
6. Make sure youre not brushing your hair really roughly because this will cause a lot of hair loss try started form the bottom of your hair and going up that way no knots will go down and will make it harder to comb.
7. If you want long you should try not to cut and if you cut it because of split ends just use spilt end masks.
8. Like your skin dont expose your hair to too much sun.

Thank you for reading I hope these small quick tips help. I have not got any of these tips from a website I have just learnt from lots of different magazines and videos and people. Remember always do what makes you look and feel beautiful.

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