Healthy Food Tips for Teens

4 years ago

Getting teens to eat healthy is hard. Just because soft drinks & junk foods are surrounded by them. Here are a few ideas how to get your teens eating healthy and being active as possible.

---- Eat smarter:

Trying to avoid eating cookies, cakes, ice cream and pastries when you`re hungry. We all know junk food is packed with a lot of calories. So whenever your teens are hungry give them a fruit to eat. Anything with a low density will be great!

---- Go for food with water in it as it is more filling:

Eating food with water will make you full! I bet you didn`t know calories are being spread in a big portion when it`s been cooked. One of the example they have is a whole juicy tomato is the same calories as five dry pretzels. Juice grapes, vegetable and fruits soups are some good examples.

---- Include protein-rich food items:

Protein is really important on our lives. Such as lean meats, low fat milk, and eggs are part of our daily diet life. A few things like soy beans, nuts and cheese are my favorites!

---- Avoid too much intake of sugar drinks:

Sugary drinks can be risky be ause it lacks nutrients and source of empty energy. They`re in void of vitamins such as protein, minerals, and fiber. To substitute sugary drinks you can drink diet sodas, water, sugar free drinks and so on. Drinking water is important though.

I hope these tips will change your teens eating habits.

1. What are your daily eatings?
2. Do you fun under any of these categories?

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