Healthy breakfast - chocolate chip muffin!

3 years ago

Oh muffins, how I love thee.

Seriously though, who doesn`t love a nice, warm, chocolaty muffin in the morning? They go perfect with a morning cuppa! I remember as a kid my brother & I used to go to my dads house every summer where, more often than not, we would have one of those huge Costco muffins for breakfast - poppyseed was always my favorite.

Now that I`m older I`m more keen on paying attention to what I put in my body & unfortunately, those Costco muffins I love so dearly just didn`t make the cut. But worry not! I`ve found the perfect solution.

Whole wheat dark chocolate brownies made using (you guessed it) whole wheat flour, dark chocolate, greek yogurt, organic sugar (I don`t believe in artificial anything, not even Stevia), & egg whites. Seriously, that`s it!

Now, I wont lie. The original recipe, the one I based my muffin off of, is not my own. However, it didn`t fit my dietary needs so I omitted & changed ingredients, baking time, to accommodate my needs. Thankfully the final product was edible & my non-healthy eating family loved them dearly, when I perfect my take on the recipe I`ll be sure to edit this post with the recipe.

I just made a gluten free version, a lower carb version, a high protein version, as well as numerous flavor varieties. I can`t wait to share all of them, especially to my luuux friends. ;)

Much love! Xx

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