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4 years ago

Hey Luuuxers!

I recently realized that summer is here, the sun is`s time to get healthy! I am not a professional by any means but i`ve been reading so many inspirational stories and health blogs and here were some things i found to get your beach babe body! This is what i`m going to be doing this summer so try it with me!

1. Stay Hydrated! 8 cups of water a day and you`ll get great skin, lose weight, and also you might not know this but you also will not get bad breath if you drink lots of water!! So many good things come from H2O. If you like something with a little flavor, i recommend adding some Crystal Light! My favorite is Green Tea Peach Mango :)

2. Exercise! If you`re like me and hate sweating in public, i recommend swimming! Swimming tones your entire body and helps you lose weight too! Also, i love doing cardio workouts at home on a DVD! I`ve been doing the 30 Day Shred by Gillian Michaels and i love it so much! ... i hate running LOL

3. Healthy Foods! Summer means FRESH FRUIT AND VEGGIES!! YUM! I am staying away from all things chocolate, baked cookies, muffins etc, and just any type of junk! For breakfast i really love having a grapefruit because it helps you become fuller and lose weight too! If you`re hungry throughout the day, snack on some veggies or nuts!

4. Lastly, healthy mind! Appreciate everyday! Throughout the day, i always notice things that i am thankful for and i tweet it or share it with my friends. Think positively and you`ll notice your day runs smoothly. You can`t just have a healthy body without a healthy mind. I love reading inspirational quote of the day books but whatever works for you! Smile lots, love lots.

Thanks for reading lovelies !


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